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Ariel Millan

Senior Architectural Designer

Ariel Millan is based in New York City and was raised between South West Colombia and the American Midwest. As a mechanism to understand the contrasts, overlaps and contradictions found in his upbringing and identity, Ariel approaches the environment through a lens of empathy and curiosity allowing this to influence his work.

A graduate from Parsons School of Design, Ariel joined the AIF team in 2023 with design and construction experience in aviation, transportation and residential building typologies. At AIF, Ariel’s role as Senior Architectural Designer is focused on design, collaboration and
construction of s
ingle-family and multi-family housing residences.
Independent of his professional work and in agreement with his interest in multidisciplinary design, Ariel founded a personal product design studio as a think tank for exploring design narratives across multiple scales and disciplines.

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