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We are a purpose-driven architecture and design studio fueled by shared core values that shape all that we create and how we go about creating it.

These values inform the "Big Vision" for each project as much as the day-to-day project management. They inform who we aspire to be are and whom we choose to work with. Finding those shared values with our clients and collaborators turns professional relationships into lifelong friendships.


We are a group of individuals from multiple continents and diverse backgrounds, with a shared love of making architecture, objects, and spaces for people. We work hard, but our work-life balance is key. We're each well-rounded, and bring our experiences and passions to the table.


Pumpkitecture competition

New York, 2022

AiF team participated in Center for Architecture’s fourth-annual Pumpkitecture!

We'd love to share our values, and to hear about yours

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